Stacey Mcadam

Duty Solicitor

Stacey is a criminal defence solicitor. Stacey is dedicated to protecting the rights of her clients and making sure that justice prevails. As part of her role as a criminal defence solicitor, Stacey regularly attends police stations to provide legal advice and representation to those who have been arrested or charged with an offence.  

Stacey advises clients on their rights when being interviewed by the police or other investigative bodies, helping them to understand what they can and cannot do to protect themselves and their interests. She also provides general advice on how to handle criminal proceedings from start to finish, including appearing in the Magistrates court to defend clients at trials or other hearings if necessary.  


Stacey’s professional demeanour and commitment to her clients make her an excellent advocate. She takes great care when assessing cases, ensuring that all potential defences are considered prior to advising on the best course of action for the client’s case. She also works tirelessly to ensure that evidence gathered by the police is properly understood and any issues with the evidence are raised. 

Stacey’s extensive knowledge allows her to provide full legal advice for a wide range of criminal matters, including violent crimes, drug offences, fraud and theft cases. She also has experience in defending motoring and road traffic offences as well as providing support to those accused of sexual offences.  Get in touch with her today to see how she can help you with your case.