Elizabeth Downing

Duty Solicitor

Elizabeth is an experienced and successful Criminal Law Solicitor. She is duty accredited and can represent clients in police stations and Magistrates Courts. She has gained considerable expertise in criminal proceedings over the years, representing individuals at all levels of the criminal justice system. 


Elizabeth is passionate about helping her clients achieve the best possible outcome and she strives to ensure that they receive a fair trial. She has an impressive track record of successful cases, from defending those accused of serious crimes to mitigating the sentences of less serious offences. Elizabeth is known for providing her clients with clear advice and ensuring that their rights are protected throughout court proceedings. 

Elizabeth understands that each case is unique, and she will take the time to understand her client’s personal circumstances in order to provide them with tailored advice. She will use her experience and knowledge of the law to create a legal strategy that is tailored for each individual situation.  

If you are looking for an experienced solicitor who will fight for your rights, then Elizabeth is the perfect choice for you. She will provide honest advice and work diligently to ensure that your case has the best possible outcome. Contact her today to see how she can asssit you.